Course Descriptions and Pricing


$220  4- week Childbirth Preparation Class

Our four week childbirth class is our most comprehensive childbirth education option. This class meets on four consecutive Wednesdays from 6-8:30 pm. This is an interactive class with many hands-on activities. Some of the class information will be emailed to you before class (slides, video, weblink) so that we can use more of the class time to focus on group activities and discussion. We are proud to partner with UM and offer this class at the Family Center at Von Voigtlander Hospital. This class is taught by a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and covers a wide range of topics including: anatomy of late pregnancy, signs of labor, stages of labor, breathing and relaxation techniques, non medical comfort measures, movement and positions for labor, common medical interventions, pain relief options, newborn procedures, and the early postpartum period. The emphasis is on informed decision making and working with your healthcare provider to create a birth plan that is right for you and your family. We cover a wide range of non-medical and medical coping tools so that you can choose which tools work for you. Research suggests that using a variety of different comfort measures is likely to provide more pain relief and satisfaction than focusing on one technique alone. Receive 30% of our Moms Group with purchase!

$220  Condensed Childbirth Preparation class (2 Week/1 Day)

If the four week childbirth class doesn't work for your schedule, our condensed childbirth class might be a good option. We currently offer two versions of the condensed class: a two week version (3 hours each day) and a one day version os you can get it all done in one afternoon.The class is taught by a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and covers the same topics as our four week class. Due to the condensed time period, there is less time for group activities, but there is still plenty of class interaction. This class will provide you with the information you need to approach childbirth with knowledge and confidence. Receive 30% off our Moms Group with purchase!


$250   Private childbirth Class

Group childbirth class not work for you due to your schedule? Do you have specific issues or topics you would like to focus on to prepare for childbirth? Our private childbirth class may be a great option for you. We will pair you with a Lamaze certified instructor who can come to your house for a 3 hour private class at a mutually convenient time. After the class you will have continued email access to the instructor for any further questions that come up. We serve families within about a 25 mile radius of Ann Arbor (including Chelsea, Dexter, Ypsilanti, Milan, Brighton, Plymouth, Canton, and Livonia). Live farther out? We may be able to accommodate you for an additional fee. Call or email to schedule a class time and day.

$70 NewBorn Know-how CRash Course

Babies don't come with instructions, so we designed a crash course full of information and demonstrations to prepare for newborn care. This is your opportunity to spend time together focusing on your baby. Not the birth, or what to register for, but what life will really be like with your new bundle. Topics covered include: feeding (including how to get breastfeeding off to a good start), swaddling, diapering, holding, bathing, cord care, safe sleep, and general health and safety. You will have the opportunity to meet other parents and to learn more about local parenting resources.



$55  Infant Health and Safety


This two hour class meets from 1-3pm on a weekend afternoon. Appropriate for both pregnant couples and those with infants, this class provides an overview of the essential health and safety information you need to know for baby's first year. Topics covered include safe sleep, infant CPR, choking, safety-proofing, and medical emergencies. Please note, this class does not provide CPR certification, although you will have the opportunity to practice both first aid for choking and infant CPR on dummies. While we hope you never need to use this information, it can provide great peace of mind as you adjust to life with a baby.

Cost includes mom and partner. Babies in arms are welcome. You may add an additional caregiver for $25 by contacting us at


 $150  Newborn Know-How Private CLass

Does our newborn know-how group class not fit in your schedule? Do you have specific topics or issues you would like to learn about. Our newborn know-how private class is a two hour class held in the convenience of your home. By the end of the class you will feel ready to take on the task of parenting a newborn! Contact us to find a time that is mutually convenient for our instructors and your family. We travel within a 25 mile radius of Ann Arbor.



$175  childbirth refresher private class

Designed with second (or third!) time parents in mind, this 2 hour class is held in the comfort of your home. The class can be focused on issues and topics that you are most interested in, though we generally review labor positions, comfort measures, how partners can help, and any changes in labor and delivery guidelines since the birth of your previous child. Contact us to find a time that is mutually convenient for our instructors and your family. We travel within a 25 mile radius of Ann Arbor. 


$100 Mothers Group (Six Week Session) or $20 (cash/Check)Drop in

Meet other new moms and get support and advice after your baby is born.Moms and babies ages newborn to crawling are welcome. The Mothers Group is facilitated by a postpartum doula with years of experience with infants and young children.Each session begins with discussion on a specific topic related to early parenting, such as getting baby to sleep, life with a newborn, places to go around town with your baby, or changes to relationships. There is always time for general discussion as well. Many moms find support and friendship here, and continue these relationships outside of group time. You are free to feed your baby during group, and need only bring a blanket for your baby to lie on. Though the group is run in six-week sessions, you can join anytime. You may always try one class for free, and we can also prorate if you are going back to work. Please call us at 734-221-0158 for prorate options or to set up your free trial class. 


$varies  Pregnancy/Postpartum Therapy Session

Parenting is a challenge for everyone, but some struggle more than others. Approximately 15-20% of new moms and 10% of new dads experience significant symptoms of depression and/or anxiety during pregnancy and the first year postpartum. Amy Lawson LMSW, PhD has a certification in maternal mental health , and will work with you to ease the transition to parenthood. We can meet either at your house or in an office setting, and babies are always welcome. Sliding scale available for families with lower incomes. Please contact us at 734-221-0158 for more information or to schedule an appointment.