Balancing Work and Motherhood--August Edition

Balancing Work and Motherhood--August Edition


Sometimes called the “fifth trimester” the transition back to work brings many new challenges for mom. Balancing work, family, and relationships can be tricky! Join us for this facilitated workshop where we discuss the challenges of working outside of the home, and provide tips for keeping your sanity. Meet other moms in similar situations and learn their go-to strategies.

You are welcome to come with or without baby—we will have age appropriate toys.

Great for those who have attended and aged out of our weekday moms group, or for any mom coping with the transition back to work.

August topic: Food for babies and toddlers (and you). Whether you are starting solids or have a toddler who’s a champion eater, we’ll discuss the guidelines for infant and toddler eating. How much do they need? What kinds of foods are the best? And what about for you? How do you manage food preparation and working. Bring your experience and tips and learn from others!

We meet Monday August 19th from 6-7:30pm at County Farm Park. Snacks provided. Bring dinner if you want! We will change location if there is bad weather.

Instructors: Amy Lawson and Jodie Hughes

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